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  • Non Surgical
  • Average Cost is
    7,200 to 14,400
  • Recovery Time: No downtime
  • No Anesthesia



Xeomin is a form of botulism toxin that is used to block muscle movement in areas that contribute to wrinkles. It is used in the forehead, typically between the brows to soften frown lines.

About the treatment

Xeomin contains botulinum toxin type A. It is the same active ingredient that is found in Botox and Dysport. The results of Xeominusually last for 4 months. Xeomin is the only botulinum toxin that doesn’t require refrigeration due to its lack of additives. This form of botulinum toxin can be injected into the muscles that are just beneath the skin to reduce the signs of aging like facial lines and wrinkles. The treatment is particularly effective in treating deep frown lines between the eyebrows and since the solution contains no additives, it may decrease the antibody reaction in the recipient’s skin. Thus, one can achieve youthful facial rejuvenation without surgery or downtime.

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